New Toys

I have not had anything worthy of posing in a while, plus I’ve been a little busy over the past few months. A couple of things worth writing about.
Over the holidays I picked up a Baofeng UV-200 (supposedly a newer model to the uv-3). It is a fine HT for less than $50, but it suffers for the same 2nd harmonic issue that the other models have. In doing some research it seems that this could be easily remedied with the addition of a capacitor to modify the low pass filter (documented in the uv-3 yahoo group). There is also a slight delay on RX due to a delay with the DSP in the unit. It does close to 2w depending on where you are in the band. Overall a good buy for a cheep/spare HT.
I picked up a Yaesu ft-857d (and a z-100 plus tuner) and added it to the shack. So now I am trying to get use to a radio manufactured this century for HF work(not as many buttons, but a lot more menus compared to my TS-850s). I am also looking forward to doing digital SSTV once I get easypal working. I also plan to use the 857 portable and might take it out on field day.

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