Contests, scripts, and things

Well I missed an October post all together. I did have good intentions, however the CQWW phone contest took precedence. I worked about 100 stations over the weekend so not a bad turnout for me. 10 meters was open and a ton of fun! I played around with a 10m hamstick that I put up about 25ft. It was very loud, but noisy. I think the addition of some kind of ground plane will take care of that. Couple of other things I have been working on off the air are my scripts. I started playing with eQSL cards when I received one from Stewart (VA3PID). It was a PDF QSL card signed with his LOTW cert. So I trolled around his blog and found that these were generates with a series of scripts on Linux. After getting all the dependencies resolved and the scripts working I built a wrapper that takes my MySQL logbook and generates QSLs without any effort. I’ve also been working on setting up a DXSpider cluster server and finally have that up and running. The goal is to setup long term retention of DX spots, kind of the same thing as DXSummit. So for the mean time I’m front ending the database with some PHP on the DX cluster tab here. Enjoy!

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